The dozen ways of PC security — The guide


So you’ve finally had enough of getting viruses on your PC every six months and then having to format it. You’ve begun to think that your PCs could perhaps be able to have a bit more longevity to them. Well, here is a step-by-step guide of the things you can do to attempt to make things a bit better.

This guide covers:
1) Download a trustable anti-virus. Not the ones you’re used to
2) And an anti-malware program too, I presume?
3) Anti-exploit for the web browsers
4) AdBlock Plus on all of your browsers
5) Switch Adobe Flash Player to “Ask to activate” on your browsers
6) Switch your router over to protection-focused DNS addresses
7) Activate Protected Mode on Internet Explorer
8) Set Internet Explorer pop-up block settings to High, but only if you feel like it
9) Keep a strong uninstallment program ready
10) Prevent autorun exploits on your USB sticks and SD cards
11) Be careful on which websites you use
12) Keep your programs up to date
13) Prevent installation tools from secretly installing garbage tools as well
14) Please do not use the default password for your router!
15) Convert your browser bookmarks from HTTP to HTTPS

X1) Known incompatibilites between different sections

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The dozen ways of PC security — The guide

Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows 10 Mobile 10586 — My experiences

Events are written in the order they happened in, give or take two paragraphs. All settings names are translated from Norwegian. Last updated 26th of March 2016.

Here the other day, Microsoft dropped a bomb that de facto cancelled the support lifecycle of about half of the world’s Windows Phones. Gathered together from scattered pieces of official announcements and second-hand blogs, almost all of the relatively very popular 2014 models were found to not be powerful enough to run Windows 10, or at the very least not powerful enough to make the non-Insider builds become employed to people who expect their phones to be very stable.

I had previously refused to download Windows Insider builds on the grounds that they were not available in Norwegian or Danish. English would be one step down since I enjoy preserving and expanding the Norwegian language, and although Norwegian and Swedish are very alike, the two have a number of verbs that are comical or incomprehensive to the other party. But upon hearing that Windows Insider would lock out unsupported phones sometime this week, I installed the 10586 Insider build on a whim, to beat the clock. Which things worked with it? Which things were improved, and which things did not work in it?

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Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows 10 Mobile 10586 — My experiences

New Super Mario Bros. 2 — Late review

This is a journey, into money.

Loads a’ money.

  • Money, get away
  • Get a good job with good pay and you’re okay

  • Money, it’s a gas

  • Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

  • New car, caviar, four star daydream

  • Think I’ll buy me a football team

It soars through my mind like a beautiful bird.

I know.

As you can predict from the prologue above, you can take a guess about what it is that fuels Mario’s sixth jumping-and-running journey throughout the Mushroom Kingdom proper. Your guess is correct: It’s money.

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 — Late review

How to backup Wii U save files

Difficulty: Lower medium. Terminology level: Rather heavy, especially in regards to gaming and harddisk terms. Price demand: From €8 and up.

The Wii U is a curious little machine, with many traits and quirks that really defines it as a machine. One of the places where this is visible, is with the system’s save files for its games, since things have become a bit more complicated than Memory Cards, SD cards, or even its present-day competitors’ allowance of USB sticks.

Now it requires formatting, compatible units, and workarounds for the fact that the Wii U file manager tries to tie all the data of a game together into one package.

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How to backup Wii U save files

Cartoon reboots, and why they shouldn’t be labelled as reboots

We live in an era in human history in the West, in which nostalgia is serious business and trumps everything else like the Queen of Spades in a game of Queen of Spades. We have HD Remasters, compilations, shorter anime cuts, games that go “back to the roots”, and today’s article focus, cartoon reboots.

Because many of the cartoon reboots that are made, do not resemble actual reboots in the slightest. In fact, they resemble the out-of-use term of “Inspired by”, much more than they resemble reboots. And the resulting backlash has been huge. In this article, we will cover a few of these shows such as The 7D, Teen Titans Go!, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, who tried to hype up their source connection during pre-release and had to pay the price for the bad marketing.

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Cartoon reboots, and why they shouldn’t be labelled as reboots