Friendship has Vanished, or how the revolution died

Topic: The Friendship is Magic cartoon and fandom. View angle: Negative and unhopeful.

This is a topic I usually don’t blog about, since I usually discuss it on Twitter to such an extent that it’d get tiresome to focus on over a long timespan. But during such a discussion yesterday, I felt that I realised so many new ideas that they needed to be written down in a more permanent fashion, combined with some older views of mine.

The Equestria Daily Mail have for more than a year tried to make up propaganda reasons for how the Friendship is Magic fandom is still enormous and pulsating. People who inhibit a bit more critical sense about their articles, can dissect that the US episode ratings are plummeting, the toys have vanished from shelves, and the plot have more inconsistencies than the service you get at a Burger King. So let’s dive into the possible reasons!

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Friendship has Vanished, or how the revolution died