Physical Excercise Guide #1: International rules football

Last updated 29th June 2016

Tired of football? Tired of kicking? Tired of being slide-tackled? Tired of shooting wide of the goal? Despair not! There are many other ways to kick a ball around on a grass pitch.

Today, I will teach you a fun physical activity based on a simplified version of International Rules Football, adapted to be suitable also for soccer countries.

You can assume that everything that you know in soccer, remains absolutely true, except when otherwise is said here. That means that goalkeepers, outfielders, round balls, rectangular goals, kicking, and light clothing is still here.

There are however some differences to sprite up the game a lot.

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Physical Excercise Guide #1: International rules football

The poem of a regret, written by YouTube

Last updated 19th May 2016 to correct a missing part of a sentence.

For all eternity, the human race has wondered whether a machine could ever write just as poetical and emotional as a human can.

Now we have our answer.

And the answer is yes.

YouTube is a service that introduced automated subtitles on many videos some years ago. It missed far wide on its original target of providing a reading aid to the hard of hearing, but it has at times written out intricate stories seemingly out of nowhere. But now, a story has been written by YouTube, that is so magical, poetical and relevant, that it is worthy of being written down in poem format for mankind to remember.

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The poem of a regret, written by YouTube