The poem of a regret, written by YouTube

Last updated 19th May 2016 to correct a missing part of a sentence.

For all eternity, the human race has wondered whether a machine could ever write just as poetical and emotional as a human can.

Now we have our answer.

And the answer is yes.

YouTube is a service that introduced automated subtitles on many videos some years ago. It missed far wide on its original target of providing a reading aid to the hard of hearing, but it has at times written out intricate stories seemingly out of nowhere. But now, a story has been written by YouTube, that is so magical, poetical and relevant, that it is worthy of being written down in poem format for mankind to remember.

Hotel Mario Music: Hotel 1 (Variation 1), written by YouTube. Translated from Spanish.

Forgive me
We can blame the merchants of the capital of the Roman republic

Forgive me
Forgive me for no Barack Obama in Abidjan

Zero, twenty, thirty in the club
The most recent one

The last walk

Forgive me
Forgive me, capital of Belgium


This rather sad poem, although very funnily relevant and formulated by it, was what it wrote as automatic subtitles to a video game song from around 1995, which didn’t even have anyone actually singing in it. Poor YouTube is really pouring its heart out when no one is looking.

Video with the original Spanish poem:



The poem of a regret, written by YouTube

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