A prayer to the stars and to Satoru Shibata

(Denomination-neutral prayer.)

The stars that shine so bright, heed this call
for Satoru Shibata to salvage us

The wall of righteousness that has saved Europe
from the dangers of Nintendo of America

He saved us from Meme Run,
and he saved us from Six-Hand Poker

He saved us from freaky advertisements,
and he did not treat us in spoopy ways

He fed a million souls with his Amiibos,
where America was left to starve

He kept Kirby smiling,
and opened eShop and My Nintendo to smaller nations

Now I beg for him, the righteous Satoru,
to save Europe

From what America will do to us all,
at the Electronic Entertainment Expo

He may have an accent that is stronger
than a bag of Fisherman’s Friend

He is a happy man,
always seen dancing or laughing

He may once have gone too far to make us happy,
but was grateful enough to grant us PEGI 18 trailers again

Now I pray to you,
wherever you may be

To save us from the abrasive disasters,
that Nintendo of America will cause

A prayer to the stars and to Satoru Shibata

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