Amazon Video guide: How to watch Amazon Originals worldwide

Last edited 30th June 2016, to add actual link buttons, and since the first shortcuts to jump straight to the Wishenpoof video player didn’t work.

Amazon Video, also considered by many to be synonymous with Amazon Prime, is a video service that has become very infamous internationally for only being officially available in 5 countries. This is compared to its chief competitor Netflix’s more than 180 countries, of which about 25-30 of them are focus markets.

It has annoyed people outside of those five countries to no end, since Amazon also hasn’t sold its shows to international channels (except for Mozart in the Jungle). But for those people, I can testify to and confirm:

There is a way to watch Amazon Video Originals worldwide! And it’s legal. And if you’re highly skilled at binge-watching and in how to use Amazon’s settings page, you could get 4 months free as well.

Background story:

Something that Amazon only rarely boast about, is a solution of theirs that they intended would be useful for Amazon Prime customers who were travelling abroad. Through special “Watch Abroad” categories, most Amazon Video Originals made after a certain point in time is available to watch online with no geographic restrictions. There are between 10 and 18 such Originals at the time of writing, depending on which Amazon Video version you decide to use.

The fact that there are no geographic restrictions, turns out to also be a very long awaited entry for people outside of the five official Amazon Video areas, to watch those Originals. This is very important to those foreigners, due to the lack of ability to watch the Originals through any sort of local services.


I would’ve loved to demonstrate with The Grand Tour, the super-hyped motoring show that really drew the international streaming viewers into a state of melancholy and abstinences due to a lack of access. Frankly, it is still several months away, so therefore I will demonstrate this guide with the Amazon Original preschool cartoon Wishenpoof.

What are you waiting for 2
What you will most likely be met with if you click any of the Watch Abroad links below:


Links that you will need early on, or if you desire immediate proof that this guide is on to something:
Watch Abroad, Amazon US:
Watch Abroad, Amazon UK:
Watch Abroad, Amazon DE:
Watch Abroad, Amazon JP:

(It appears that I would need to make an Amazon Japan-specific account to use at least the Japanese site. If you can’t speak German or Japanese, there are various methods to get to Amazon’s official translations of those sites; the easiest is to look for white globe logos somewhere on the front page and clicking on them.)

And to prove the absence of geographical restrictions on the original, here are two links to Wishenpoof S1E01, as the first episode of it is free to watch even for non-Prime accounts:
Amazon Britain — Wishenpoof S1E01 Welcome to Wish World:
Amazon Germany — Bianca Zauberkind S1E01 Die sensationelle Talentshow.

Come on. Just paste any of the URLs you want to use into the address bar. Click on the free first episode. Don’t be scared. There is no proxies, no torrents, no hidden payments, no trials, no virus ads, no ads of any sort and no error messages. The only thing you need to play back the episode, is a standard Amazon account.


So now that we’ve established that you don’t get any geographical “Screw you” messages from Amazon, here’s how it works if you want to watch the rest of the episodes:

Prime settings
Illustration of the “My Prime membership” page, for step 2 in the guide below. If it says “End membership” in the left-hand bar, then you haven’t ended the subscription yet.


  1. There are no geographical limitations on opening an Amazon Prime account, as long as you are old enough in your country to legally possess a debit card. If you’re looking for 29-30 days of binge-watching from a selection of 20 unique shows, you can start with the 30-day Trial™©™©©.
  2. While you do need to enter your debit card details, Amazon are thankfully nice enough to tell you how to end your Prime membership with ease, if you so desire. Under normal circumstances, it’s front page → Your settings (dropdown) → Your Prime Membership → [log in] → End Membership → End Membership. This will make it so that the membership ends after the full 30-day trial, or at the end of the current year (or month) that you have paid for.
  3. The trial and/or membership will give you full access to all of those Watch Abroad Originals, but only on the Amazon version that the membership applies to. For instance, a membership for Prime in Germany does not apply to British Amazon sites.
  4. You can expect that the Originals will be the only reason that you as a foreigner would want to use an Amazon Prime membership. This is because Amazon Drive and Amazon Music have preposterously dubious regional redirects, which actively makes it so that you cannot use only one regional Prime membership on its own, to begin to all of the Amazon Prime facilities.
  5. Not to mention that Amazon Music has a really bad music selection.
  6. You can now watch most of the Amazon Originals at long last, after years of being held in the shadows! Yay!

So now you can finally get to watch, or try out, such shows as The Man in the High Castle, Wishenpoof, Niko and the Sword of Light, and The New Yorker Presents. I am happy to have helped all of you out there.

Amazon Video guide: How to watch Amazon Originals worldwide

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