Dandy classic: How to add old TrackMania themes to the newer games

So you liked the music tracks in TrackMania Original, and/or the vocal music in TrackMania Sunrise. Perhaps you got used to TrackMania United’s music after a while, but want to relive those glorious©©™© early 2000′s days? Then this will be your ticket to the heavens.

This method requires at a minimum, 1 copy of any TrackMania game out there except for the Nintendo and Turbo games, and 1 copy of any TrackMania game from United onwards. If you’re using TrackMania Original, you will also need Audacity. Since the guide makes use of bought copies of both games, it is believed not to encourage piracy. Let’s dive into the guide, shall we?

For easier browsing, ★ means the games you want the music from, and ☆ means the games you want to put that music into.

If you’re using disc-based versions of the first two games: To begin, complete the initial TrackMania Original/Sunrise installation from your media of choice. It is not needed to install GameShadow (in the event of TrackMania Sunrise) or to insert your 10-year old serial code. This can also be done on a PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10, which have huge problems getting the old games themselves to run.

Now you’ll have to go into the installation directories to find the music files.

★ In the case of TrackMania Original, find the Trackmania folder under Program Files (x86) on your Windows computer. Click on roughly the following: GameData → [Your environment of choice] → Media → Audio → Music → And there are the sweet tunes used for that enivronment’s racing, editing, and if so desire, the replay mode.

The main menu theme is ever so slightly harder to find randomly, but it should by all means be at GameData → Interface → Audio → Media → Music → MP3 → menu_mod(.mp3)

In contrast to with TrackMania Sunrise, the music files in TrackMania Original are originally in the MP3 format. Since Forever strictly mandates the use of OGG, this is where an installation of Audacity will come in handy.

Copy the songs over to a non-game-installation folder. Open Audacity. Find File → Import → Audio in its upper right. Use Shift-clicking to choose all of the songs at once. The import process can take up to a minute at most. If you see blue waves suddenly appearing in Audacity, it’s (most likely) been loaded correctly. Then, find File → Export multiple… → and save them as Ogg Vorbis Files.

If you’re certain that this worked, jump to the Forever part or attempt to get the music from Sunrise as well. If you’re unsure, right-click the resulting music files in File Explorer, choose Properties, and see if it shows up as Ogg Vorbis (.ogg). It is not needed to, or may even be undesired to, save the Audacity project before closing it after the conversion.

★ In the case of TrackMania Sunrise, find the TmSunrise folder under Program Files (x86) on your Windows computer. Click on roughly the following: GameData → Skins → [Your environment of choice] → Music → Race → And here is hopefully that environment’s songs in .ogg formatting.

The twelve songs from the racing modes can be found by this method. Additionally, GameData → Skins → Menu → Music → should get you the main menu tune. For the ambient sound from the editing modes, go to GameData → [Your environment of choice] (not the same environment folders as before) → Media → Audio → Sound → WMA → and these tunes should also be there.

★ In the case of TrackMania Nations ESWC, it’s GameData → Skins → Stadium → Music → Race → for the three in-race tracks, and GameData → Skins → Menu → Music → for the main menu theme.

★ With TrackMania 2, if you’ve bought it with Steam, go to Steam library and right-click on the TrackMania 2 game of your choice → Properties → Local files → Browse through local files. This should bring up the installation folder for the game. From here, go to Packs.

…★ In the case of Valley or Stadium, copy TMValley_music or TMStadium_music over to a random non-game folder. You’re looking for the ZIP packs that say “Music”, so there’s no reason to be afraid of ambiguous filenames at all. However, you should not extract the folder the uncopied music folder that sits inside Packs, and probably not open it either, as unforeseen and probably fairly negative consequences are likely to arise.

When you’ve copied it over to a non-game folder, extract the copied ZIP pack (Windows 8 and 10′s built-in ZIP opener will be sufficient). Since the resulting extraction will result in one top-tier folder, it will be the most convenient to extract the contents into the same folder as the copied package itself.

From here, enter TMValley_music or TMStadium_music (the simple folders, not the packages) → Media → Musics → [The environment from the game you’re focusing on] → Race → and there should by all means be a list of the times of the day when TrackMania races from TrackMania Sunrise and later on can take place. Each of these time folders contain the music you’re looking for, though a few songs reoccur in two of these folders. These songs are normally the same regardless of which folder they’re in, so if you’re given a choice, keep or overwrite the old file. There’s little to no need to keep two copies of the same song, after all.

…★ In the case of TrackMania 2 Canyon, they were a bit more tricky with obscuring the music from plain sight. In this case, it’s the TMCanyon_skins ZIP package you’re looking for. Follow the same procedure and cautions as in the above guide for Valley and Stadium. When the copied ZIP pack has been extracted safely, open TMValley_skins (the simple folder) → Media → Musics → Canyon → Race → and there you get all eight songs in the game’s racing mode, without subfolders for the times of the day.

…★ In the case of the ManiaPlanet menu music, all three games should work for this. This time, it’s the ManiaPlanet ZIP pack you’re looking for, inside any of the games’ Packs folders. Do the same procedure as you’ve done before. From the end of the safe extracting, go to ManiaPlanet (the simple folder) → Menu → Media → audio → Music → ogg → and there you’ve got the hub menu music.

☆ For United Forever and Nations Forever, when you have overall found the songs you want to carry over to United/Forever, you can copy those songs over to a generic folder on your PC in the meantime. And now comes the Forever part.

This guide by rafracer on TM-FORUM from 2007 will be of great help to those who can understand it, but I’ll summarize the points myself as well.

  1. Go to your Windows system’s Documents folder and find the folder there named Trackmania (As long as you’ve already installed the Forever game of your choice.)
  2. Go to → Skins. Create new folders in it for each environment that you want to add the old songs to; name them Speed, Rally, Alpine, Bay, Island, Coast and/or Stadium.
  3. Make a folder and call it Music. Inside the folder (→ Music), make two new subfolders called Editor and Race.
  4. Browse back to Skins and copy the Music folder into each of your environment(s) of choice.
  5. Now is the time to have one window showing the folder where you copied your TrackMania music into, and another window where you’ve traversed Documents → Trackmania → Skins → [Your environment of choice] → Music → Race → and then copy the TrackMania songs into it.
  6. Play the game and hope that it’ll work! It took me three tries to get it working, but I only needed small adjustments each time because I thought I could take big shortcuts on the Forever part of the guide.

To add music to the Editor Mode, do the exact same procedure as above (or use the same folders you created to add music to the races), except that Step 5 ends up at Music → Editor →, instead of Race.

To up the stakes, you can also add new music to the main menu. Thankfully, despite the stakes raise, this is remarkably easier to do than to add music to the racing. Go to Documents → Trackmania → MenuMusics → paste the songs you want to use into that folder, and that’s about it.

Get into a race mode, and if you hear some different music than what you’d expect in Forever, then YOU’RE WINNER ! Now you can enjoy your music from now until Forever.

☆ For TrackMania 2, it is a million miles easier to add songs to it, than it was in TrackMania Forever. Go to Documents → ManiaPlanet → Media → Musics → [Your environment of choice] → [Mode of choice] → [Time of choice] → paste your .ogg files into it.

No, really, it’s that easy in this case.

But as for a final note: If you’re afraid of discarding those sounding-well-after-all TrackMania songs, don’t be afraid. Those original songs will still be a part of the list of songs that will be loaded for that part of the game, even if they’re not represented in these sound folders. As a possible troubleshoot, try twice with a given environment to see if the guide has worked, if the first instance used the standard music.

Dandy classic: How to add old TrackMania themes to the newer games

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