Dandelion Sprout Linux Software Curatory

Originally a part of the Windows curatory, its Linux section has been split off in order to prevent paragraph overload for most readers.

Linux, the land of the free, the engaged, and the charitable. While the many Software Centers on Linux distros have been admired by many, they have been equally despised by many of the same people for their extreme focus on open-source software. This makes it possible to make distro-specific automatic updates for their programs, but it also means that the more idealistic distros doesn’t stock Google Chrome, Minecraft, or Steam in their Centers.

Package managers on Linux, however, are truly almighty beings, and this page can’t do anything more than to bend over and say “We’re not worthy” to them. Instead, this curatory was intended as a fair, functional, updated, and closed-source-stocking alternative to the Software Centers alone.

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Dandelion Sprout Linux Software Curatory

The Democratic Voice of Equestria — The important questions in life

How was Ponyville rebuilt after it was destroyed in Swarm of the Century?

What does it entail to be an alicorn?

What does it entail to be a princess?

How are mayors elected?

If Prince Blueblood was Celestia’s nephew, which of Celestia’s sisters was it who got him then?

How old is Granny Smith?

Why did it take Rainbow Dash three tries to join the Wonderbolts, despite passing their tests on all occasions?

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The Democratic Voice of Equestria — The important questions in life