How to read Cyrillic letters

a.k.a. “How to read those weird Russian quibbles”. Last updated 30th of November 2016.

Lesson 1 is so easy to understand, that I’ll head straight to it without bothering with an article introduction.

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How to read Cyrillic letters

How to convert .PSV to .VME

On the increasingly long list of procedural guides that no one ever reads, is this thing.

You may have found yourself in this situation. You are the owner and player of a PlayStation 3 Obese model from 2006-07, and have successfully used a Memory Card Adapter to carry over your old PlayStation 2 save files to your PlayStation 3. Somewhere down the line, you’ve bought one of the PS2™®©© Classics from the PlayStation Store, since your original copy of the game was lost to scratches.

And as you boot up the PS2 Classic, you find out to your sheer horror that the game doesn’t recognize the save file that is on your PS3’s internal memory card!

I can assure you that there is a functional way to make the PS2 Classic recognise your old save file, through a convoluted file conversion process involving no less than three Windows PC programs to perform a chain of conversions. The guide and the programs you need, will follow up below!

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How to convert .PSV to .VME

Hetalia and neighbouring countries

This WordPress was never meant to be something highly integral, or something that would see wide appeal (except dreamingly in the computer health area). I’ve made posts about the most weirdly irrelevant topics, and that trend will continue today!

I’ve heard fleetingly about Hetalia over the years. “Nation people that do stuff”, was what I pretty much gathered from it.

It has come to my attention that 1) there is a Hetalia character that represents Norway, and 2) that Hetalia has been absolutely awful at portraying the relations between neighbouring countries.

So therefore I will now take on Norway’s nearby connections one by one, and see how well they fit the actual situation that I as a Norwegian experience and witness on a weekly basis.

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Hetalia and neighbouring countries