How to convert .PSV to .VME

On the increasingly long list of procedural guides that no one ever reads, is this thing.

You may have found yourself in this situation. You are the owner and player of a PlayStation 3 Obese model from 2006-07, and have successfully used a Memory Card Adapter to carry over your old PlayStation 2 save files to your PlayStation 3. Somewhere down the line, you’ve bought one of the PS2™®©© Classics from the PlayStation Store, since your original copy of the game was lost to scratches.

And as you boot up the PS2 Classic, you find out to your sheer horror that the game doesn’t recognize the save file that is on your PS3’s internal memory card!

I can assure you that there is a functional way to make the PS2 Classic recognise your old save file, through a convoluted file conversion process involving no less than three Windows PC programs to perform a chain of conversions. The guide and the programs you need, will follow up below!

  1. The first thing you need, is to have the old savefile that is on your PS3’s internal memory cards. If you began playing the game on the PS3 in the first place, and want to “upgrade” to a PS2 Classics version of the game, head down to step 2. If you still have the save on a PS2 Memory Card only, then you’ll very logically need to buy a Memory Card Adapter to transfer the saves to the PS3 first.
  2. Plug in a USB (/ SD / CompactFlash / Memory Stick) unit to your PlayStation 3. Go to the menu for the internal memory card, and transfer the savefile to the USB stick.
  3. You need to have booted up the PS2 Classics game at least once. Yes, I know, it won’t have your old saves just yet, but it’s necessary. This will create a file in the PS3 menu “Saved program files (PS2)”. Copy its save to your USB stick as well.
  4. Take out the USB stick, and plug it into your PC. The old internal savefile should show up on the stick as a .PSV file. (The PS2 Classics file should also show up as a .VME file)
  5. Use PSV Exporter to open the .PSV file, which is located at :[USB stick]/PS3/EXPORT/PSV. Choose to extract all its files with the program, into a folder that you know the location of on your Windows system.
  6. Open up the folder in File Explorer. Also, open up PS2 Save Builder, where you go to Edit → Add File, and insert the (normally three) files of the extracted (previously-)PSV file, one at a time. Save the file on your PC as save.max
  7. Open up the directory where you installed Fire Pro Wrestling Returns Save Conversion Kit (Its default folder name is fpwr-sck). Paste save.max into it. Go to its subfolder called “scripts” → and run CONVERT_to-PSN.bat
  8. You should under normal circumstances then get an output file in fpwr-sck’s “output” folder, called SCEVMC0.VME, or SCEVMC1.VME
  9. Copy the output file, into the PS2 Classics’ folder, which should be :[USB stick]/PS2/EXPORT/PS2SD/NPED[some numbers]. If there already is a VME file there with the same name, that’s a very good sign. Choose to paste into the folder, and to overwrite the file that had the same name.
  10. Take out the USB drive from your PC, and put it back into the PS3 machine. Go to “Saved program files (PS2)”. Delete the file for the game that is already there, and copy over the edited file that is (hopefully) on your USB stick.
  11. If you’ve done this entire guide by the book, you can start up the PS2 Classic and see if the file is there. If it shows up on the PS2 Classic’s savefile menu, then you’ve succeeded!

Important notes: If you have PS2SD folders for multiple games on your USB drive, take a look at their PNG files and see which one is for the game that you’re using this guide for. If you have multiple .PSV files on your USB drive, make sure to memorize when you last copied the savefile to your USB drive, so that you can use its timestamp to choose the correct file. If the output file was called SCEVMC1.VME, that means that the savefile will be on the PS2 Classic’s Memory Card Slot 2 menu.

There are also no ways whatsoever to convert your files the other way around, from .VME to .PSV, unless you have modded either your PS3 or your PS2 (The former would be preferable).

How to convert .PSV to .VME

4 thoughts on “How to convert .PSV to .VME

  1. Luke says:

    Hi Sprout. Thanks for your guide, very helpful. You mention at the end that there’s no way to convert .VME back to .PSV unless you have a modded PS3/PS2. I happen to have a modded PS3 and I’d like to do that very thing. Could you explain how? Thanks!

    1. Since I don’t have a modded PS3, but only a modded PS2, it’d sadly be a little difficult for me to write a first-hand guide about it… 😦

      It’s been a while since I did the research for this article, but I recall that there should be some kind of homebrew tool(s?) for the PS3 that can do the job.

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