How to use roleplaying to turn you into the complete you

There are many people out there whose minds may be conflicted. Their minds may be broken, nervous, escaping, or in absolutely any other way not understanding itself.

Among many other ways to unite the mind with itself, there is one recently discovered opportunity that hasn’t been much researched by medical sources. It is strongly related to the Western definition of a tulpa; but it is my profound belief that most of the modern practitioners of it are completely botching it,¬†with hitherto negative consequences for that person, since they don’t understand what is really going on nor what they’re playing around with.

However, if it is done correctly, it can have an absolutely gigantic positive effect for you. If you need a “Too long Didn’t read” preview of the guide, it’s basically “Make some roleplay characters to get to know yourself better.”

There are a lot of nuances you’ll need to deal with, and there are going to be a lot of things that you’ll be uncertain about during the process. Therefore the parts of the guide will be written in much closer detail further below!

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How to use roleplaying to turn you into the complete you