Sterling-Zejgar style review: Regal Academy

Reviews, including professional ones, are something that can cause anger. They are filled to the brim with emotions, but they don’t always resonate well with every single reader out there.

Jim Sterling did an admirable attempt to write a fully objective review once, back before he became too angry for mankind’s own good, so therefore I will try out whether I have the ability to write a review in that style too!



Regal Academy is a TV show, of the cartoon variety. It is produced and owned by Rainbow Studios, which are based in Italy, and who have also produced Winx Club and Mia & Me.

The main character is Rose, a human girl who lives in an apartment in a large settlement, along with two adults, one male and one female. Among her character traits are a deep fascination of shoes, becoming excited, and sometimes tumbling over, among many other traits.

While she was heading for her first school day at a higher level of instruction, a number of events take place, which leads to her finding a key and a door that takes her to the Regal Academy. There, she takes part in classes, and meet other characters. After an amount of time, she receives a wand that allow her to cast thematically Cinderella-related spells.

The show invokes tropes from many fairytale stories, including Cinderella, The Hen with the Golden Egg, and Jack and the Beanstalk, among many others. Despite this, there are no officially announced ties between Regal Academy, and Ever After High or Descendants. An amount of the characters in the story are said to be in the lineage of various characters from various fairytale stories, including Rose.

The writing invokes emotions in an amount of its viewers, such as school clumsiness, being amazed, and the importance of fashion, among others. In addition to fairytale-lineaged characters, there are also dragons and a Middle East-themed village residing inside or within a distance of the Regal Academy’s primary faculty castle.

The level of technological progress in the Regal Academy and its surroundings, is a level of technological progress. They possess a number of transportation methods, including flying carpets, flying dragons, horse carriages, dragracers, and feet, among others. An amount of the local residents are well aware of how dragracers and seatbelts work, whereas refrigerators are an unknown concept to them.

Fashion is sometimes used as plot points to solve various situations that the characters come across. In one instance, a giant was correctly assumed to be good after an amount of time since their first encounter, on the grounds that he washed his hair with shampoo.

Regal Academy is broadcast and/or streamed in many places on planet Earth, including on local versions of Nickelodeon, among other channels and services.

Conclusion: Regal Academy is an audiovisual narration about a regal academy.

Sterling-Zejgar style review: Regal Academy

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