How to run the worst presidential campaign ever

Donald Trump. The world’s biggest PR product. A goldmine for people who write political comedy for a living. A man who has failed to strike down on a Republican Party that has gone on a crusade against all non-Christians.

Ever since the surprising day in early November 2016 in which Donald Trump landed a surprise victory, people have asked themselves and each other the big question: How did he win? Was there brainwashing, Russian hacking, PR skills, an ungodly budget, or corruption?

There is just one problem with that question. They’re looking at this the wrong way. The solution is not what Trump did right, since he barely did anything right. It is what Hillary did wrong. I feel confident in saying that Hillary Clinton ran the worst presidential electory campaign in the history of the United States (and in some other countries), for reasons I will discuss in haphazard details further below.

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How to run the worst presidential campaign ever