My work and contact resumé

This is going to be a simple post, really. I need a centralised place to detail my work, contact methods, and other things as well.


I have been involved in translating the following things to Norwegian Bokmål:

VLC (PC, Android², Windows Modern, iOS², website²), AudacitySMPlayer, Plex Web, WordPress (Web, Android, iOS, PC²), Barcode Scanner, PeaZip, Nova Launcher², Osu!, DNS66, Adblock Plus¹², PCSX2¹, RouterCheck, HandBrake Linux, Unchecky, Tampermonkey, Stocard, Geekuninstaller (Program, website), Disqus, SumatraPDF, Subtitle EditQTTabBarOpen Camera, OBS Studio², AdBlock, GravatarPoedit, Bitwarden (Web, extensions, desktop, mobile), XNViewMP, LineageOS², Mozilla¹², Simple Solitaire Collection, Subnautica¹, App Locale 2 (by Flo354), AIDA64¹, HID to VPAD¹, Core Temp, Etar, HTTP Shortcuts, MediaWiki, APK Extractor (by axxapy)¹, SageThumbs¹, SichboPVR, Android DVB-T Driver, Discord², Rtl-sdr driver¹, Aerial TV, microG Unified Network Location Provider¹, Amaze File Manager, Stringlate¹, Simple File Manager, Root Verifier (by abcdjdj)¹, OpenKeychain, calibre, Courier (by Guardian Project)¹, SteamAuto Updater for Chromium (by Federico Dossena), Locale Emulator¹, Nano Adblocker, Mp3tag, MAME, AdGuard¹², Greasy Fork², Paint.netMailbox Alert¹, Universal Bypass, Call RecorderVoidtools Everything, qBittorrent¹, Decentraleyes¹, Gogs¹, I Don’t Care About Cookies¹, GitLab¹, Alternative Player for Twitch¹, Brave¹, MATE¹, MailScanner¹, Magisk Manager¹, and Busybox (by Anton Skshidlevsky)¹.

¹ = Not used in the stable release channel at the time of writing.
² = Only minor modifications were needed.

Other translations I’ve worked on:

SumatraPDF (Nynorsk), VLC (PC Nynorsk), Pixiv (English), and WordPress (Web Nynorsk, Web Danish², Web UK English).

Statistics for Google Translation contributions, as far as Google Translate Community is concerned:

English → Norwegian: 2,161
Norwegian → English: 510
Danish → English: 203

I have also translated YouTube videos from Vinesauce and PistolShrimps¹.

I fully accept translation works for short-term hire. I may choose to decline if I find the thing that is to be translated to be repulsive, but overall I love the thought of supplementing my universal basic income by making Norwegians’ lives better.

I am capable of writing transcriptions as well, such as on this video.

Web filter lists

I have created a two-digit amount of filter lists for a wide variety of different purposes, extensions, and browsers. The crown jewel is the Norwegian filter list, whose userbase is estimated by me to be in the tens of thousands, and which is included in uBlock Origin (≥v1.15.10), the paid version of Adguard, and on Adblock Plus’ secondary subscriptions archive.

Additionally, most of the lists are listed on

Keyboard layouts

I have created extended keyboard layouts for the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, which are far and beyond more extended than their Windows equivalents for Nordic and Russian languages, and that are slightly more extended and practical than their Mac/Linux equivalents.

Colourising images

I’ve grown up in an age where all new imagery can be expected to be in colour, and therefore I’m not a fan of monochrome art. I’ve therefore learned various techniques to colourise monochrome images, especially with, to bring some fresh and bright colours to the world we live in.

Examples of such colourisations includes this, this, and this. Note that I am no way affiliated with the book series that are shown in the first two examples; these were only some hobby things that I did for a limited-access social network I’m on.

Physical jobs

Worked as a plastifier of books at the Trondheim Folkebibliotek Sentrum library from ca. 2011-2012.

Worked as an allround part-time worker at the Tiller Bydelskafé cafeteria from 2014-2017. There I worked particularly often with storage sorting, cleaning (incl. recycling), and as a cashier.

Hosted weekly cake sales at a municipal facility for a while in 2010-11.

School years

I’m still trying to forget those miserable years.

Other achievements

I am listed on the Bitdefender Bug Bounty Hall of Fame for having reported about and assisted in solving a bug in Bitdefender Home Scanner, that caused printers to print out random code and to waste paper in the process.

I am a tulpamancer, and would love to contribute to anything that’d help normalize or study the nature of them. In particular, through my experiences and first-hand observations, I harbour a theory that tulpas, angels, ghosts, schizophrenic visions, and spirit guardians can all be grouped into one category, that I am very willing to help prove is in fact not supernatural in any way whatsoever.

I consider myself to be a charitable person, and I am a paying full member of Amnesty International’s Norwegian sector, as I see that they serve productively working humans who are at extreme risk of mistreatment.

I have substantial experience with various wiki projects and with wiki markup codes, and I feel I have been able to aid a little bit where I feel that it’s needed.


Born in January 1995.

Medical information

  • Aspergers syndrome (Diagnosed)
  • Mild respiratory botherances of unknown cause

Transport methods

  • Kick scooter (During summer and autumn, for distances up to 8 km)
  • Jogging (For distances up to 3 km)
  • Bus
  • Airline flights (Flights longer than 1h15m are not currently recommended, due to the method I’m using to distract me from my fear of heights)

Technology skills

My computer skills are pretty good. I take security and modernity very seriously, I have mastered such tools as GitHub and Poedit, how to do great things in the Windows registry, and have got a basic grasp of how to use command prompt tools. Basically, I know all the important computer stuff except for coding things from scratch.

I feel that I am competent with using the sound editing tool Audacity, which I am able to use to e.g. create mashups every now and then, among many other things I can do with it.

I have learned how to add custom operative systems to mobile phones, having successfully installed LineageOS to a Lenovo K5 Vibe and a Samsung S4, as well as CyanogenMod to an HTC Wildfire S. I consider myself to be well-versed in bootloaders and custom recovery environments, as a result of this.

Other skills

I am very good at sorting things, and love to do it as well. If I’m tasked to organize some shelves, do a translation, set up a PC, or optimalise an apartment’s furniture, I’d be very eager to take on the mission. Especially if I got to do those things in my own ways.

I consider myself a good chef if given the right tools, and can cook somewhat healthy and very appetizing meals.

I am a considerable proponent, user, and promoter of various modern technical tools and measures, including LED lightbulbs, fanless computer components, the metric system, HD digital television, and of boiling regular food in microwave ovens.

I consider myself to be a good swimmer, with a personal record of having swum 1275m in one go.


The proficiency levels in the paranthesises roughly adher to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

I can speak
Norwegian Bokmål (C2, mother tongue), English (C1), Norwegian Nynorsk (B1)

I can write
Norwegian Bokmål (C2, mother tongue), English (C2), Norwegian Nynorsk (B1), Danish (A2)

I can hear
Norwegian Bokmål (C2), Norwegian dialects (C1 for most of them, B2-B1 for rural southern and northwest ones), English (C1 or B2, depending on the source), Swedish (B2), Danish (B1)

I can read
Norwegian Bokmål (C2), English (C2), Norwegian Nynorsk (C1), Danish (C1), Swedish (B2), German (A1)

Additionally I know what the letters of the Cyrillic script actually sounds like. It doesn’t mean that I can actively understand Russian texts; but it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to loanwords (on posters and such) and names, since roughly half of all Russian verbs are borrowed from Germanic languages.

Contact methods at the time of writing

• E-mail: imreeil42 at-sign gmаil dot сom (An OpenPGP key is available on request.)
• Alternate E-mail: imreeilgarbage at-sign gmаil dot сom (An OpenPGP key is available on request.)
• Google Hangouts: imreeil42 at-sign gmаіl dot соm
• The Making WordPress community on Slack: at-sign dandelionsprout
• MeWe: Invitation only. Only people who know me dearly, can apply to see me there. It is however the place where I am the most active.
• SMS (Not for phone calls!): +47 4бб 55 Ʒ95
• Posten Digipost³: Imre Kristoffer Eilertsen
• SoundCloud message system: Dandelion Sprout
TrackMania United Forever message system: dandelion_sprout
• The contact form at the bottom of this article.
• Physical post address: If you request it, and you cite a good reason for needing it, I may or may not give you it in private.

You should be aware that some of the entries above have been obfuscated by lookalike Unicode letters. You should therefore write the entries manually in order to reach me, instead of pasting them into a bar of some sort.

If you ever were to experience that I am unavailable on every one of the above methods (excluding Norway-only methods if you live outside of Norway), then I can add furthermore contact methods to the list.

³ = Methods that are under typical circumstances only available to Norwegians and people with ties to Norway, due to those services only operating in that country.

If you want to support me

Donation link on PayPal.
Auto-donation link on Flattr.
• Donation number on Vipps (Norway only): 4бб 55 Ʒ95
• Ether-only wallet (ETH): ethereum:0x6170b3D73B75023b4c248A2932D5e98FCFf1C27D (Quick link for some users)
• Bitcoin-only wallet (BTC): bitcoin:36RgjbTWe162fM6ZNEuZV2TuUiaJiVG2BN
• Litecoin-only wallet (LTC): litecoin:MEzTG2qHgY93NUVXHSDDgZaBDC3DX2YnYg
• BitcoinCash-only wallet (BCH): bitcoincash:qqg29s3ghvtayg6hjwa3y9kv64npevxjkv2qf9c90v
My wishlist for various objects and giftcards.
• Many of my websites support Flattr, meaning that Flattr subscribers will benefit me a teeny tiny little bit.
• Donate to Amnesty International, Wikileaks, War Resisters’ International, Atheist Alliance, or International Planned Parenthood Federation.
• Request to hire me for short-term jobs.
• Coppers in TrackMania United Forever or in ManiaPlanet, even though they have practically zero monetary value of any sort.
• Sign up for stuff through various referration campaigns: Flattr, MightyText.
• Are there any other ways in which you want to support me? Contact me about it, and I can set it up upon hearing from anyone who is strongly wanting to support me through those venues.


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