Welcome to Dandelion Sprout’s Lucky Corner! This is a quick little blog that I created after I found Tumblr’s new policy of stuffing your dashboards with rubbish posts about celebrities and kitties, very distasteful. Every time I stated what my Tumblr was about, I kept contradicting those claims in practice soon after, so expect the content focus to change very often.

Disclaimer: You are allowed to use my material for anything you want to do with it, ever, without ever having to ask me or to follow me.

Any use of imageboard terminology in the comments, will likely lead to that comment being treated as spam. If you think that an ordinary comment of yours was blocked by the spamfilter errenously, feel free to send me an E-mail with the planned comment pasted in it, so that I can determine which word(s) that set off the alarms and then change the filters a bit. I can’t fix it if you don’t tell me.

Availability on other sites as of 24th of January 2016:

  • Twitter (Dandelion Sprout)
  • VKontakte (Йан Йохансен, “Jan Jokhansen”, used for video uploads only)
  • Google Hangouts (My real name; ask me on Twitter or YouTube if you have a need to fetch me there)
  • E-mail (imreeil42@gmail.com)
  • YouTube (Dandelion Sprout)
  • Wii U Chat (Еxohasard)
  • And very little else that could be used for chatting over the internet.

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