Dandelion Sprout Windows Software Curatory

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Screencap from VLC’s website. Clicking on it won’t do anything.

Windows is the system where everything happens. But there is one thing that Linux has, that Windows can almost only dream about: Repositories.

An integral software storage that automatically updates the programs whenever they get any. Of course, that too is a concept that has its flaws in its current implementation, such as the repository packages being outdated, or the inability to update them manually.

But still, I’ve been thinking, “Why not give Windows a repository too? A list of up-to-date packages as selected by a curator?” And now I’ve realized that it’s time to do just that.

Moreover, there is an increasingly bigger problem for our planet, that a lot of installers and installer websites try to push you into also installing garbage programs. Many of those filler programs are so bad that your PC could end up needing a Windows re-install. I have alleviated this issue in this guide, by only using one of two options when linking to programs.
1) Links to Ninite program installers. Ninite takes extreme pride in not offering its users any advertising, garbage offers, or even any of those blasted mailing list nags.
2) Direct hotlinks, to the program producers’ actual hosting sites, that will in 9 in 10 instances start the download automatically within 5 seconds of pressing on the link.

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Dandelion Sprout Windows Software Curatory