How to read Cyrillic letters

a.k.a. “How to read those weird Russian quibbles”. Last updated 30th of November 2016.

Lesson 1 is so easy to understand, that I’ll head straight to it without bothering with an article introduction.

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How to read Cyrillic letters

How to convert .PSV to .VME

On the increasingly long list of procedural guides that no one ever reads, is this thing.

You may have found yourself in this situation. You are the owner and player of a PlayStation 3 Obese model from 2006-07, and have successfully used a Memory Card Adapter to carry over your old PlayStation 2 save files to your PlayStation 3. Somewhere down the line, you’ve bought one of the PS2™®©© Classics from the PlayStation Store, since your original copy of the game was lost to scratches.

And as you boot up the PS2 Classic, you find out to your sheer horror that the game doesn’t recognize the save file that is on your PS3’s internal memory card!

I can assure you that there is a functional way to make the PS2 Classic recognise your old save file, through a convoluted file conversion process involving no less than three Windows PC programs to perform a chain of conversions. The guide and the programs you need, will follow up below!

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How to convert .PSV to .VME

Hetalia and neighbouring countries

This WordPress was never meant to be something highly integral, or something that would see wide appeal (except dreamingly in the computer health area). I’ve made posts about the most weirdly irrelevant topics, and that trend will continue today!

I’ve heard fleetingly about Hetalia over the years. “Nation people that do stuff”, was what I pretty much gathered from it.

It has come to my attention that 1) there is a Hetalia character that represents Norway, and 2) that Hetalia has been absolutely awful at portraying the relations between neighbouring countries.

So therefore I will now take on Norway’s nearby connections one by one, and see how well they fit the actual situation that I as a Norwegian experience and witness on a weekly basis.

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Hetalia and neighbouring countries

How to make your Windows PC fast as fuсk


Last updated 11th of November 2016, including reducing the massively oversized quotation boxes on widescreens.

You may have noticed that your Windows PC is taking its sweet time to do things. Perhaps it takes a second to detect new screens, it may delay its booting, or it takes a split-second for windows and menus to fade in. Most of this is done for stylistic reasons, as almost everyone’s Windows PCs will stop up for a moment to show you its elegance. This is even the case for PCs with state-of-the-art components and hard disks.

But there are many ways to make it less sassy and flirting, and instead make it go straight to work at speeds that even Sonic the Hedgehog would be made speechless by.

The guide covers:
#1 Buy an SSD disk, but in the right way
#2 (If you have an SSD) Double-check if you could need a byte start adjustment
#3 Turn off fading animations in Windows
#4 See if your BIOS settings are correct
#5 Changing speed settings in the Windows Registry
#6 Ensure 1Gb/s speeds throughout your house’s networking chain
#7 Use 64-bit programs
#8 Buy a faster monitor. Or, alternately…
#9 (Windows 10 only) Use a PIN code for your Microsoft account
#10 Turn off startup programs that you don’t immediately need after starting up
#11 Don’t have a DVD in your disc reader while booting
#12 Don’t let your mechanical harddisks constantly go to sleep
#X1 A summary of things you shouldn’t do to increase speed

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How to make your Windows PC fast as fuсk

Dandelion Sprout Linux Software Curatory

Originally a part of the Windows curatory, its Linux section has been split off in order to prevent paragraph overload for most readers.

Linux, the land of the free, the engaged, and the charitable. While the many Software Centers on Linux distros have been admired by many, they have been equally despised by many of the same people for their extreme focus on open-source software. This makes it possible to make distro-specific automatic updates for their programs, but it also means that the more idealistic distros doesn’t stock Google Chrome, Minecraft, or Steam in their Centers.

Package managers on Linux, however, are truly almighty beings, and this page can’t do anything more than to bend over and say “We’re not worthy” to them. Instead, this curatory was intended as a fair, functional, updated, and closed-source-stocking alternative to the Software Centers alone.

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Dandelion Sprout Linux Software Curatory

The Democratic Voice of Equestria — The important questions in life

How was Ponyville rebuilt after it was destroyed in Swarm of the Century?

What does it entail to be an alicorn?

What does it entail to be a princess?

How are mayors elected?

If Prince Blueblood was Celestia’s nephew, which of Celestia’s sisters was it who got him then?

How old is Granny Smith?

Why did it take Rainbow Dash three tries to join the Wonderbolts, despite passing their tests on all occasions?

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The Democratic Voice of Equestria — The important questions in life

Dandelion Sprout Windows Software Curatory

VLC website
Screencap from VLC’s website. Clicking on it won’t do anything.

Windows is the system where everything happens. But there is one thing that Linux has, that Windows can almost only dream about: Repositories.

An integral software storage that automatically updates the programs whenever they get any. Of course, that too is a concept that has its flaws in its current implementation, such as the repository packages being outdated, or the inability to update them manually.

But still, I’ve been thinking, “Why not give Windows a repository too? A list of up-to-date packages as selected by a curator?” And now I’ve realized that it’s time to do just that.

Moreover, there is an increasingly bigger problem for our planet, that a lot of installers and installer websites try to push you into also installing garbage programs. Many of those filler programs are so bad that your PC could end up needing a Windows re-install. I have alleviated this issue in this guide, by only using one of two options when linking to programs.
1) Links to Ninite program installers. Ninite takes extreme pride in not offering its users any advertising, garbage offers, or even any of those blasted mailing list nags.
2) Direct hotlinks, to the program producers’ actual hosting sites, that will in 9 in 10 instances start the download automatically within 5 seconds of pressing on the link.

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Dandelion Sprout Windows Software Curatory