How to unlink a “Media & Purchases” Apple ID from a Mac

In this scenario, you may have been using someone else’s Mac, and decided to log in to the Mac App Store with your own Apple ID and 2-factor authentication to download and play some games you own (be it Apple Arcade or not), only to discover later that day that the Mac has now become a registered unit that show your 2FA login codes even after logging out from App Store, and that there is no logout or unlink button in the system settings. In that case, this guide is for you.

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How to fix Let’s Encrypt “Updating” stuck error on ASUS routers

Many ASUS routers have access to a built-in dynamic DNS functionality, which includes easy access to free Asuscomm domains and to Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates that ASUS generate for such addresses. However, in late 2020 in particular, ASUS routers could get indefinitely stuck with the message “Updating” on the certificate status page. Now I have finally found a fix for many such instances.

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Norwegian English – Standard English translation dictionary

Norwegians (Example of Norwegian humans above; photo is CC BY-SA 3.0, taken by Thomas Brun) are well known for speaking eloquent English on the level of university doctorate holders… or at least, until they begin talking about potato boats, camping cars, and doing saltos.

Norwegian English has built up a considerable amount of questionably translated slang, and this is a guide to the most probable slang mistakes they’re likely to make, in case you’re running a restaurant or similar facility where Norwegians abroad are likely to congregate; and may even be helpful when interacting with Swedes and Danes abroad.

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The ultimate Super Mario timeline as explained by Dandelion Sprout

If you’ve been in videogame communities in the past 5 years, you’ve probably seen The Legend of Zelda fans meticulously every single small factor that leads into and out of ~3 splinter timelines. You may even have seen the joke timeline for the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games that revolve around Tony Hawk’s friendship with Bam Margera.

So earlier this year I set out a lofty goal: How many splinter timelines would be needed to place as many Super Mario videogames ever made as possible into one timeline tree? Only 6, as it turned out!

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Where to find smoothie recipes in Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is essentially the love child of Wii Fit U and Miitopia, and this particular post deals with where to find in-game recipes for smoothies, soups, and similar items. I was inspired to write it after I began to see people and in-game characters talking about carrot soups, an item that I was apparently supposed to be able to craft long before World 11, which was as far as I had got at the time. I also noticed that absolutely no one on the entire internet had been chronicling recipe locations as of the 14th of December 2019, so I’ve decided to attempt this major undertaking!

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How to find deleted bookmarks on Pixiv again

So you’re a user of the Japanese artsite Pixiv, which is really big across eastern Asia, and (with exceptions) has far and beyond better art than what the embarrassing hotpot disgrace that is deviantART could ever hope for. Pixiv has also become increasingly popular in the West and in Latin America for… several reasons.

Thus you may have saved some bookmarks here and there on your Pixiv account… until you suddenly see it replaced by a simple grey box with some Japanese text on it, and you can’t for the life of it remember which image used to be there. This guide will go through two relatively easy ways to do this on PC.

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How to add Google Calendar calendars into Thunderbird Lightning without using “Provider for Google Calendar”

Do you want to have one less extension to have to deal with in Thunderbird, especially if you’re on the Beta release channel, or you can’t find a good download link for Provider for Google Calendar anymore? Here’s something that will save your day.

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How to run an NTP Pool server on a Raspberry Pi

The NTP Pool is a very interesting crowdcloud project that aims to synchronise internet-based tech system clocks around the planet, and provides a solid alternative to NIST (which is an American government agency) and to the corporate-run clock servers from Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

However, their instructions for joining NTP Pool with your own server, appears to me to be written for external Azure-esque servers, and their use of imperative statements can seem scary to laymen. So today I’ll write to you all a simplified assuring guide on how to join the pool with a Raspberry Pi that you have physical access to in your own home.

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An open and somewhat grumpy letter to the adult Cartoon Network fandom

I’m 24 years old. I like cartoons. Including ones for children. I enjoy watching a fair few such cartoons. But in the past 7 years I have found myself increasingly estranged from the viewpoints of other adult cartoon enthusiasts.

I like a good laugh, coming from silly jokes with good timing. I was someone who grew up with Dave the Barbarian (2004), Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2005), and Fish Hooks (2009). So when Teen Titans GO arrived on Cartoon Network Nordic in 2013, I was sold. I liked the bizarre jokes, the colourful settings, and the weird plot developments. It was therefore puzzling to me when I saw millions of people online grab their pitchforks and begin to harass and threaten everyone who spoke even vaguely positively of it.

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