My own personal dietary and nutritional advices

I consider myself to be a lover of good food. At the same time, I’ve now been living in my own apartment for some 18 months, at the time this article was originally published. As such, there’s a lot of considerations I’ve had to take when it comes to buying, consuming, and preserving food and drinks.

In this guide, I’ll share most of them with you.

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An open and somewhat grumpy letter to the adult Cartoon Network fandom

I’m 24 years old. I like cartoons. Including ones for children. I enjoy watching a fair few such cartoons. But in the past 7 years I have found myself increasingly estranged from the viewpoints of other adult cartoon enthusiasts.

I like a good laugh, coming from silly jokes with good timing. I was someone who grew up with Dave the Barbarian (2004), Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2005), and Fish Hooks (2009). So when Teen Titans GO arrived on Cartoon Network Nordic in 2013, I was sold. I liked the bizarre jokes, the colourful settings, and the weird plot developments. It was therefore puzzling to me when I saw millions of people online grab their pitchforks and begin to harass and threaten everyone who spoke even vaguely positively of it.

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How to work around Windows 10 October 2018 Update’s bizarre font substitution problems

When Windows 10 October 2018 Update was released in October/November/December (Strike out those that don’t apply) of that year, it gained a reputation for being the most buggy version of Windows of the previous 20 years. Among one of the most bizarre issues that made it to the stable channel, and which somehow still hasn’t been fixed more than 3 months later, is how the font fallback for some types of legacy programs suddenly vanished. The result of that, was that alphabet fonts couldn’t fall back on characters from symbol fonts, or vice versa.

The existence of this problem broke through on the 24th of October 2018, with one Reddit thread and some articles in tech magazines, after which it has never been spoken of again. Until now.

In this guide, I’ll share the complex workaround I’ve found, that somewhat solves a problem that should never have existed in the first place in the products of any decent tech company.

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The Mandela Effect, analyzed by a mostly rationally thinking Asperger


Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela, considered by many to be the liberator of South Africa, and who was also the unintentional namegiver for the Mandela Effect. Picture owned by Getty Images, and was sourced by me from this BBC article. I claim fair use for this, as I needed a simple and neutral illustration photo of an important statesperson.

In the past decade, we’ve heard stories of people (Mostly Americans, but not exclusively), whose childhood memories are slightly different than what was actually the case. Instead of accepting their memories as flawed, they instead find it highly suspicious that there’s so many other people who have the same memories as them, leading to theories of conspiracies, time warps, other dimensions, and whatnot.

Today I’ll attempt to debunk the 4 most common Mandela Effect theories (Not to be confused with Mandala), using general logic as well as various assumptions about the flaws of humans’ minds. I’ve found one of the theories to actually be mostly true, whereas I believe that the other three are the outcome of mis-ascribing small memories to bigger memories.

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My recommendations for Bitwarden’s “Domain rules” system

Last updated: 13th of December 2018

So let’s say that you’ve begun to use Bitwarden as your password manager of choice, and have become intrigued by the possibility to get quick password autofills not only on your web browsers, but also on your Android phones. There’s just one problem: The setup for that is really cumbersome.

The default domain rules are not only woefully inadequate, and have no rules that cover Android apps, but they haven’t been updated for months (if not years) despite how it’d be very easy to do so for a GitHub-hosted, open-source project, as they simply can’t be bothered to merge any pull requests about them for whatever reason.

So here’s my attempt to remedy this issue in some way!

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How to create a Flattr auto-donation link

So you may possibly have begun to use Flattr, or are at least curious as to how it works. In its current incarnation it automatically measures which internet contents you’re making use of, and Flattrs them roughly accordingly.

But wait a minute, wasn’t there a button at some kind of site that allowed for double-pressing, which has set up recurring automatic monthly Flattrs to that user? Where did those buttons go?

It turns out that yes, they can still be used! But they’re not super-intuitive to create, so this short guide will help you achieve that.

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